The Superlaties Stay On Topic

It’s a shorter episode this week, where the Superlaties managed to stay somewhat on topic! Rhiannon did some of her homework, so they are actually able to talk about Daredevil #7, where Elektra has a big secret for Matt, and Foggy gets to be so right, about everything.

Shelby talks about that cover, the one she knows Rhiannon knows. This is it:

We’ll give you a moment to cool off, after looking at that. Oh wait, but here’s the Punisher cover that she was comparing it to.

Punisher Variant from Volume 10, Issue #1

Our Superlaties theorize what the Punisher series could include. Can Frank hold a whole show? Will Matt and Karen keep showing up? Will they include his origin story?

Finally, Rhiannon reports on what the comic book store was like at 8 a.m. on a Wednesday, when the new issues are released. She may or may not have met the real Matt Murdock.

Somehow, this episode ends without Shelby talking about Game of Thrones. It’s a miracle!


Written by Rhiannon



Two great laties with great voices, and a true vision for the marvel universe!


Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it, so far!


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