Superlaties In New York!

Pizza! Bagels! Hipsters! Lights! Theater! And, of course, Charlie Cox!

The Superlaties went to New York City, and all you get is this silly podcast.

First things first, Shelby and Rhi went to see Incognito, which is a play running for a few more weeks at the Manhattan Theater Club. After the show, the laties got to briefly hang out with Charlie, and managed to make fools of themselves, as usual.

Hear about the rest of their trip, which mostly revolved around food. Rhiannon tried pastrami for the first time, and rants about the lack of cream cheese. The pair escaped Manhattan to the place that really calls to their heart – Brooklyn, where they visited with the hipsters and ate at the Smorgasburg. Oh Brooklyn, how we love you.

The laties shared a fantastic sandwich from Tramazzini, rather than going for a ramen burger or lavender-infused rosewater sparkling kambucha.

A fancy sandwich, complete with edible flower

They even hit a “For real” flea market in Hell’s Kitchen. Rhiannon kept Shelby from buying all the things, even a fabulous water tower t-shirt. Hashtag: Regrets.

Of course, they ended up at Midtown Comics, where Rhiannon wouldn’t let Shelby buy anything. She did, though, after she got home. Rhiannon can’t keep her from buying all the things.

Long story short: Go to New York, it’s fun. The people are friendly, you can do what you want to do, and nobody gives a shit. But do not, by any means, go on December 31 – Rhiannon speaks from experience.

Also, follow Finn Jones on Instagram. He is so happy about life. We are super-jealous that we weren’t partying with him while we were there.


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How can you be unhappy when there are people like this, in life?

In the meantime, Shelby tells Rhiannon how to get to Kevin Smith’s heart. Spoiler alert: It isn’t blowjobs.

They do squeeze in the chance to talk about Game of Thrones, the Battle of the Bastards. Tune in to the next episode to know how they feel about the season finale!

In our next podcast, we’ll be talking about these comics. Rhiannon promises to do her homework, and to get it uploaded in a timely fashion.


And because Rhiannon is dreaming that Shelby will actually get the free trial of Starz and watch:


Written by Rhiannon

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