Powerfist, Ironman, Ironstrange

The Superlaties return in a second episode, where we are all over the place.

Things start off a little dirty when Shelby reveals how she always messes up the title of Powerman and Ironfist. As a result, Rhiannon will never be able to say that title correctly again, and our listeners will know that they absolutely, positively, without a doubt, should not listen with children in the car. Shelby’s fuck-up of the Doctor Strange title isn’t dirty, so Rhiannon won’t remind  her of that forever and ever.

If you are following on Twitter, you may notice that Shelby shared her download code for a Daredevil comic! Some folks were asking how to use those. It’s super simple, folks. You just go to https://marvel.com/redeem and enter the code in the box. You will need a Marvel account (Which is free to set up) and you will want to remember that password (SHELBY!). Once you have entered the code and completed the “Purchase” (No actual purchase required), you will have that digital comic in your digital collection, forever.

Cillian Murphy and his cheekbones

Rhiannon isn’t opposed to looking at Cillian Murphy.

Also, this week, Shelby talked about something really exciting that happens on Game of Thrones. Rhiannon tried to talk about Outlander. Shelby one-upped the game with Peaky Blinders, and kept talking about some Cillian Murphy guy.

Steering Shelby off the Cillian Murphy love-fest, Rhiannon brought up the Jessica Jones article she is writing for the MCU Exchange, regarding the secondary characters. There is a very interesting theory circulating what may happen with one of those secondary characters, so our Superlaties discuss one of Rhiannon’s favorite Daredevil villains, Typhoid Mary. The Typhoid Mary comic they talk about starts in the 1998 series, book #46.

Speaking of secondary characters that crossover to other series, it’s possible we’ll see Big Ben Donovan again in Luke Cage, according to something Shelby saw and we’ll never find again. But Redringsideseats did a great explanation of who Ben Donovan is, from the comics, and that’s totally worth checking out. Those ladies do fabulous explanations of everything.

A character that hasn’t crossed over in the shows, yet, is Turk Barrett. But he did show up in a free Jessica Jones comic, before the series came out. You can still download that comic on Comixology.

The ladies ended the podcast by reminding everybody how old they are, and talking about VCRs. Shelby faces the ultimate dilemma in life, with Game of Thrones and Preacher coming on at the same time. She’s decided to watch Game of Thrones live, and watch Preacher later (By the way, the pilot is available for free on Amazon). She may or may not be recording them both on VHS Tapes. Rhiannon may or may not have admitted to having a case of VHS tapes with old recordings of Zorro in the basement. You’ll have to listen to know.

If you listen and enjoy, let us know! We would be super-appreciative if you left us an iTunes review, or just, in general, talk to us about something geeky. Until next week, we leave you with Matt Murdock recovering from Typhoid Mary’s attack in Daredevil Volume 2, #48.



Matt meditates surrounded by candles.

The awesomeness increases in the following panels, where Foggy interrupts things.



Written by Rhiannon

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