The Origin Story

Rhi and Shelby On A Brooklyn Rooftop

Rhi and Shelby On A Brooklyn Rooftop

We are the Super Laties, two women who discovered that we really enjoy comic books, comic book characters, and hanging out with other comic book fans, much later than most people.

This discovery came through the TV series Daredevil, which premiered in April of 2015. Shelby (Pictured here, without sunglasses) was very excited for the show because she was already a fan of Charlie, and she would not shut up about it. Rhiannon (Pictured here, in pink), exhausted from hearing so much about a show they couldn’t even watch, yet, asked Shelby if she had ever even read a Daredevil comic.

Shelby wasn’t even sure how to find them. You see, Shelby lives in bumfuck-nowhere, where there are no comic book stores, Targets, or reliable internet. But Rhiannon had reliable internet, and google, and quickly downloaded a free Daredevil comic which she promptly read. Then she read another. Then she got a Marvel Unlimited account and… two weeks later she emerged, having read a good bit of the Daredevil universe.

Of course, Rhiannon talked Shelby into doing the same, and eventually Shelby had a strong enough internet connection to read hundreds of comics, as well. Thus, an addiction was born… and shared.