The Superlaties Prepare For Luke Cage and New York Comic-Con

The Superlaties have a lot coming up. Rhiannon slept in a tent, and now she’s all energized for Luke Cage, which she will be watching before a lot of you, as she has gotten tickets to the premiere in Harlem! She didn’t know that when this podcast was recorded, but you can hear about how she stood in the woods and celebrated getting the invite.

Shelby and Rhi take some time to think about Luke’s weaknesses that we could see in the series. After being majorly concussed in Jessica Jones what other weaknesses can we expect from this “unbreakable” hero?

Will Shelby even be able to watch Luke Cage? She’s going to be getting on a plane to come to NYC on Saturday, so the answer is probably “No.” But she has plans for New York Comic-Con, which is also incredibly double-booked.



Written by Rhiannon



So i have no idea how different NYCC is from SDCC (hopefully its less crazy). But panels at SDCC is what i go for. At SDCC they dont clear any of the rooms between panels, so if im not camping out (not sure if thats possible for NYCC) i go like 4 or 5 panels early depending on what the panel i wanted and what the panels were before. So if you are wanting to go for a smaller fandom panel, and its after a huge fandom panel you should be decent lining up just one panel before because everyone from the huge fandom panel will clear out. But i didnt campout for the Luke Cage panel at SDCC and i went like 4 panels early and had pretty good seats. I would also look at the room size, so the Luke Cage panel was in the second biggest room at SDCC so there was a decent amount of room. But if they are in a smaller room you are fighting over less room. But on the flip side of that the bigger rooms have wayyy more people going for them. So for SDCC i do Hall H on saturday every year and this year we had to camp out for a full 24hrs. My biggest tip would be to talk to people and make friends for line buddies. It was only 2 of us camping out and we legit bargained our way towards the front of the line by making line buddies who knew somebody who knew somebody who was camping out all day but wanted to go sleep in his hotel room, so we agreed to take the night shift for him. Also follow the NYCC twitter and get their tweets sent to your phone via text message. And search the hastags for line updates, (so at SDCC I would look at the #hallHLine tag to see updates on how long the line was and how fast it was). Something ive learned to do over the years is to plan my days based off of rooms as opposed to panels, makes it a bit less disappointing. So like ill plan to be in one room in the Am and then switch if I want to a PM. I would also have an open mind for panels of stuff you don’t watch. A lot of times you discover a new show to check out, or the panel will just be very charismatic, so you can have no idea what they are discussing but still have a good time listening. And all of this is just based off of my experience with SDCC and I know NYCC is a pretty different ball game.

Sorry that post got out of hand, but I really enjoy the planning and urban survival of large cons just as much as the con its self.

Rhiannon Kincaid

That’s awesome information! We know NYCC is a little different, but you have some good points. Thank you!
Maybe I’ll make it to SDCC next year to help hold lines.


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