Luke Cage (Eps 1-2): Rhiannon Saw It In A Theater, Shelby, Not So Much!

Shelby has finally seen the first two episodes of Luke Cage, and then the Netflix servers crashed, so Rhiannon made her podcast about it. There are no spoilers for anything after episode two, because Rhiannon wouldn’t do that to Shelby.

Rhiannon has already seen the whole series. In fact, she saw the first two episodes AT THE PREMIERE in Harlem, so actually, a lot of this podcast is about Rhiannon’s experience at the Luke Cage Premiere.

Let us know what you thought of the first two episodes, in the comments, or on Twitter. We’ll be back with more thoughts, after Shelby has seen a few more episodes.

In the meantime, hello to our new friends from the Secret Stash, and long live Turk Barrett!

Written by Rhiannon

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