Shelby and Charlie, Rhiannon and Finn, The Superlaties Hang With The Defenders

Shelby went to Dragon Con, which involved getting up really early in the morning, dealing with crowds, and hanging out with Charlie Cox. They discussed the Maleev comic. You know, that Maleev comic. It turns out that Charlie likes it as much as we do, and Shelby actually had a chance to really talk to him about it. At this point,  you could pretty much call them “besties.”

The Laties also talk about DD#11 of the current run, which is actually starting to be interesting! Rhiannon picked hers up at a new comic shop, where she met a guy that didn’t have positive things to say about Maleev. The Laties resolve to meet him in person, at New York Comic Con, and decide for themselves. There is a lot of planning to do before they go to the Con.

Rhiannon started reading Runaways this week, which Shelby has already devoured. Spoiler alert: She likes it. This is the series that is going to be a show on Hulu, which means that now Rhiannon needs a Hulu account. Grumble Grumble.

Not to be left out of the fun, Rhiannon found herself in Manhattan, and met Finn Jones, who will be Iron Fist! Aren’t the Superlaties cool? WE HANG WITH DEFENDERS! Listen up, to know how it all happened.

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Written by Rhiannon

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