Superlaties Talk Daredevil Comics, Ironfist, Daredevil TV, Game of Thrones, and Charlie Cox

This timely episode is being uploaded very late, so please forgive that we recommend you check out things that have already happened. Rhiannon’s a slacker.

This week, the Superlaties actually talk about some comics, starting with the next guys we’ll meet in the Netflix shows, Power Man and Iron Fist.

Of course, The Power Fisting team will be in Matt Murdock’s world, so our Superlaties go on a tangent discussing things that could happen in the future of Netflix’s Daredevil. AS THEY DO. But also, they talk about the comics, with Daredevil 008. Rhiannon gets frustrated that she can’t easily find out when Daredevil 009 will be released (But at the time of posting, she thinks it’s tomorrow)

Despite a convoluted process that Shelby found irritating but Rhiannon just accepts, our Laties got tickets to New York Comiccon in October. There will be much discussion of preparations until then!

Rhiannon admits her childhood crush is filming two hours from her house, and has been for months, but explains why she has made no effort to go meet him.

Juan Diego Botto, Rhiannon's Secret Crush

Juan Diego Botto, Rhiannon’s Secret Crush

Shelby discusses the Game of Thrones season finale.

Rhiannon diverts conversation back to Daredevil because there was an awesome podcast with Amy Rutberg, who plays Marci Stahl. You should go listen to it, here!

Shelby encourages folks to go see the last week of Incognito, but Rhiannon didn’t get this uploaded fast enough for that to matter. Still, you should read this fun article about how much Charlie wanted to do this play. He lost money on this gig, but doesn’t care.

Soon, we’ll upload Shelby’s recommended reading list, for folks with Marvel Unlimited. In the meantime, Rhiannon’s homework, which she may or may not do, is to read the rest of Alias Volume 3, and to start in on Heroes For Hire. We’ll see if she actually follows through.


Written by Rhiannon

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