Super-Duper-Laties: Another Lady Gets On The Super-Late Bandwagon

Shelby sounds a little bit weird this week, because the role of Shelby is mostly played by Annmarie. But rather than pushing The Walking Dead, Annmarie is a Super-Duper-Latie, having just recently discovered, and been totally sucked in by, comic books.

Annmarie talks about her local comic shops (in Boston) and what they have had on display recently. She has already started requesting special orders and branching off looking for her own books. We gave her some heroin, and she’s totally out hunting more. We’re so proud!

Now she’s jumped into the wormhole – and she’s decided to watch “The MCU,” so we discuss how necessary it is that she watch it all in order. Does she have the patience? Is it really necessary? Feel free to still give her your thoughts.

Shelby tried to join us, but Georgia interfered. Fucking Georgia.

The Laties moved on to their new obsession: Good Behavior. SO GOOD. Go watch.

Next time, we promise that Shelby will be back. GEORGIA WILL NOT HOLD HER DOWN!

Written by Rhiannon


Kristina Valcarce

We all need post-election coping mechanisms – mine is re-watching Daredevil Season 1. I really need to see a filthy rich, corrupt, ambitious billionaire with political aspirations get the crap beat out of him by a hot guy in body armor. It helps.


I’ve been trying to figure out what cabinet appointment Fisk would be getting in the Trump Administration.


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