Shelby is Back, Rhi Crashes ‘The Defenders,’ The Laties Catch Up

Shelby is back! And the Georgian internet kept her online long enough to record a super-long Superlaties podcast, so she can mourn the end of her favorites series: Rectify. Well, her favorite series this week. Until she remembers her next favorite series. Then the next, then the next…

Rhiannon also makes her talk about Good Behavior, because Rhi likes talking about Good Behavior.

The Laties did some Christmas shopping on Amazon, and are pretty excited about the upcoming runs, like the new Hawkeye! Katie-Kate Hawkeye! Then there’s Curse Words, the series by Soule that is coming out in January. AND there’s the art that the Laties have been ordering. So much fun stuff in their growing collections.

But seriously, this David Mack poster is fantastic. Everybody needs a copy.

Rhi got bored and went to New York, where The Defenders happened to be filming. Totally coincidental. She didn’t see much, yet they still find a way to talk for over a half-hour about what she did see. Also, what happens when Rhi drinks wine and wanders the New York streets? She reveals all.


Written by Rhiannon

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Kristina Valcarce

Thanks for the shout out! Ideas for upcoming podcast: why there seems to be a disconnect between the ABC and Netflix Marvel universes, and how it’s no longer making sense. (Bulletproof man walking around Harlem announcing his name on camera and S.H.I.E.L.D. is totally not interested? What?) Or maybe I’m the only person in the universe that is bothered by this.


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