The Superlaties On Demand Show – The Defenders, Doctor Strange Plans, and The Walking Deaths

This episode, the Superlaties asked fans on Twitter what they wanted to hear about. There was an overwhelming cry for talk about The Defenders, which is currently filming in NYC. So they do.

Even though there isn’t much to say.

But the Superlaties are going to sell you guys on comics. Particularly Runaways because it’s awesome. Rhiannon even shares another really cool way to read comics for free, to get those issues that aren’t on Marvel Unlimited. It’s revolutionary, you guys. This concept of reading books for free, on loan.

Rhiannon talked about her explorations at comic shops in Boston, and her plans to see Doctor Strange a day early, in New York. She’s just living the life. Shelby and Rhi talk about their excitement over Doctor Strange, which most of you have already seen by the time we post this podcast (because Rhi is a slacker). Rhi and Shelby speculate on how much fun she’ll have standing in line talking to other fans.

Then the Superlaties give their feelings on the first two episodes of The Walking Dead. Shelby wants to know why people are still watching, if they aren’t okay with gratuitious deaths. Rhi says she would be done, except they introduced her newest favorite character. Hail to the Shiva!

Finally, Shelby tries to leave an iTunes review, learning how fucking hard it is to leave those fuckers. If you manage to get one in, let us know, and we’ll send you some swag. But maybe we’ll come up with another way to send you some swag, in the meantime. We’ll see.


Written by Rhiannon

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