The Copperhead Hole

Shelby and Rhi are back, with a podcast that was recorded the same day it’s uploaded! Amazing, I know. Don’t expect it to last.

The laties have watched The OA, which is a great discussion piece that Rhi doesn’t want to discuss. What they do want to discuss, is what they want from the Netflix Universe. There are so many things to come from the Netflix Universe, like a schedule for the Marvel shows. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! Give us some flipping schedules. And a Punisher teaser. Future of the Netflix universe – Give us an effing schedule!

On the movie side, Rhi and Shelby compared their excitement for Spider-Man Homecoming to their excitement for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Spoiler alert: Shelby may need a Baby Groot intervention.


There has been a small bit of Runaways news, proof that the show is actually happening. What does this all mean?!

Meanwhile, Shelby and Rhi both have exciting stories about Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road.” That’s not some new pop culture phenomenon, it’s the song.  You know the song. You should line dance to it. Or should you?


Of course, it wouldn’t be the Superlaties without discussion of the giant hole in Daredevil Season Two. You would think that we’ve said all that we can say about that hole, but no, there are still things to be said. We’ve probably figured it all out, now. All of it. We’re so smart.

There are lots of comics coming soon, and we’ll talk about them, next time!

Written by Rhiannon

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Kristina Valcarce

Thanks for the shout out – thinking about how Matt could show up on Iron Fist. I’m thinking that sometime before The Defenders, we have to see Luke get out of jail. So maybe Claire contacts Matt (or Foggy, because you KNOW she really meant Foggy all that time) who hooks up with Jeri to represent Luke? And Danny, uh, I don’t know, shows up in the office? My God, I’m reaching here.


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