It’s Our First Podcast! How Did We Get Here?

It’s here, folks! Our very first podcast is ready for the world. Is the world ready for us?

In this episode, we introduce ourselves, but immediately get side-tracked into talking about Daredevil. Let’s be honest, this is going to happen frequently on our show.

We take you through our journey to being the super ladies that we are now. It all started a year ago when we hadn’t read the comics. Then, Shelby dove into The Man Without Fear, and Rhiannon jumped into Guardian Devil, and their lives would never be the same. Much like after we commented to Jon Bernthal about how his bruises for Daredevil looked so… incredible.

We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with the comics without the help of other fans who helped explain this crazy world to us. One resource, in particular, was Man Without Fear, the ultimate Daredevil information site. We highly recommend that you go over there and take a look at everything they have put together!

Jumping right into current interests, Shelby talks about the new comic-based television show: Preacher, and then puts Rhiannon to sleep while talking about Game of Thrones. Rhiannon tries to throw in a little bit of Outlander, but nobody wants to talk about Outlander until they get to Season Three.

Let us know what you think of things. We promise the sound will get better next time around, when Rhiannon pushes the right buttons to be recorded at the same level as Shelby. In the meantime, give us recommendations, thoughts, feelings, or a simple shout out.

Written by Rhiannon

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