The Wonderlaties

By / June 26, 2017

Wonder Woman was so good that the Superlaties needed more women to discuss everything!   FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Superlaties Go To Megacon In Orlando, Charlie Cox Doesn’t

By / May 29, 2017

Shelby and Rhiannon traveled to Orlando this past weekend, for Megacon. Charlie Cox was originally supposed to attend, but had to cancel to film in England. Without those lines to stand in, the Superlaties, and friends, walked for miles shopping, meeting artists, and seeing what this con has to offer. Here are some pics to… Read more

Runaways! Inhumans! Guardians of the Galaxy! So Much Excitement!

By / May 8, 2017

There was SO MUCH excitement last week, so Shelby and Rhi talked about it. First, they had more things to say about The Defenders trailer. 17:30 – Runaways Trailer! 26:30 – All things Inhumans! 53:00 – WE ARE GROOT. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Superlaties Have A Defenders Trailer

By / May 4, 2017

There’s a new trailer for The Defenders and the Superlaties talk about it. Do you really need to know more? If you prefer to listen to your podcasts on Youtube, here we are!   FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Superlaties Versus The Netflix Timeline

By / April 24, 2017

**Warning, The Superlaties drop F-bombs. Unlike the cinematic side of Marvel, the TV Shows are announced one-by-one with unpredictable schedules and no long-term timeline, much to Rhiannon’s frustration. So, with recent news regarding the Netflix timeline, the Superlaties discuss all the possibilities of when we’ll see Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and (very importantly for Shelby’s mental health) Daredevil…. Read more

Dan Stevens Hypnotizes The Superlaties in ‘Legion’

By / April 10, 2017

Over on FX, there’s a Marvel show that aired this winter, and warmed the Superlaties right up. It was Legion, starring Dan Stevens, and his blue eyes. Rhi didn’t know there was an after credits scene, so you can listen to her watch it for the very first time! But, because we recorded this the same… Read more

16 Seconds In An Elevator With The Superlaties

By / April 5, 2017

There’s a new Defenders teaser out, and it’s only 16 seconds long. However, The Superlaties manage to talk about it for an hour. Because that’s what they do.  If you prefer your podcast in Youtube form, here it is!   FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Superlaties Get A Hold Of An ‘Iron Fist’ Writer

By / March 28, 2017

Iron Fist is out in the world, and the Superlaties have watched the whole thing. Thanks to their previous obsession, they already have a friendship with Tamara Becher, who wrote episode 8, and co-wrote episode 13. So, in a podcast that they’ve all been planning for over six months, the Superlaties sit down with Tamara to… Read more

God Hates Iron Fist As Much As Shelby’s Internet

By / March 15, 2017

The Superlaties are psyched about Iron Fist, even though nobody else seems to be. For this reason, they’ve started the #FireUpTheFist hashtag, for fans to share their excitement. Until then, we give you an excessively long podcast about our excitement for Iron Fist, what we thought of Logan, how they are getting buried in comics, and the… Read more

Raw, Not-So-Gritty Thoughts On The Iron Fist Trailer

By / February 10, 2017

There’s a full Iron Fist Trailer: And the Superlaties are talking about it 🙂 FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

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