The Superlaties Go To Megacon In Orlando, Charlie Cox Doesn’t

Shelby and Rhiannon traveled to Orlando this past weekend, for Megacon. Charlie Cox was originally supposed to attend, but had to cancel to film in England. Without those lines to stand in, the Superlaties, and friends, walked for miles shopping, meeting artists, and seeing what this con has to offer.

Here are some pics to go with the adventure!

Glowing Ferris Wheel

We could see this ferris wheel in the distance from our room.

Shelby, in her happy place.

Red Skull

The Red Skull

Mary Poppins Ya'll

It’s Mary Poppins, Ya’ll!

Six hands stenciling on a guy's chest.

Preparing the Iron Fist, or a weird ritual? You decide.

Stranger Things Boys

The Stranger Things Boys!

And if you prefer to listen to your podcasts on Youtube, here we are:

Written by Rhiannon

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