The Superlaties Versus The Netflix Timeline

**Warning, The Superlaties drop F-bombs.

Unlike the cinematic side of Marvel, the TV Shows are announced one-by-one with unpredictable schedules and no long-term timeline, much to Rhiannon’s frustration. So, with recent news regarding the Netflix timeline, the Superlaties discuss all the possibilities of when we’ll see Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and (very importantly for Shelby’s mental health) Daredevil.

They also don’t spoil you on S-Town podcast. You’re welcome.

They mostly stay on topic, but hit a few other topics along the way, like the new Cloak and Dagger trailer, the slow burn of comics, why Shelby should be watching Agents of SHIELD, and why Rhiannon doesn’t have tickets to San Diego Comic-Con.

If you prefer your podcasts in Youtube form, here you go! However, the audio above will be higher quality.

Written by Rhiannon

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Kristina Valcarce

Personally I think that sequence is just promotional, and won’t appear at all in the series.


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