The Superlaties Get A Hold Of An ‘Iron Fist’ Writer

Iron Fist is out in the world, and the Superlaties have watched the whole thing. Thanks to their previous obsession, they already have a friendship with Tamara Becher, who wrote episode 8, and co-wrote episode 13. So, in a podcast that they’ve all been planning for over six months, the Superlaties sit down with Tamara to talk about ALL THE THINGS. 

This podcast is full of Iron Fist spoilers, and sexual references. So, like all of our podcasts, you probably don’t want to listen to it in the car with your children. Unlike other podcasts, Rhiannon wrote down the times when they talk about certain subjects.

This episode starts with Rhi and Shelby discussing their thoughts on Iron Fist 

18:35 – Tamara Arrives!

22:30 – Covert Affairs Discussion

25:30 – Back to Iron Fist

Movie recommendation:

Tom Pelphrey TV Show: Banshee



Written by Rhiannon


Kristina Valcarce

Peaches, huh? Now I want a pet name!


You can’t rush these things…


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