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The Superlaties are still talking San Diego Comic-Con, because even though they were blown away by the Netflix announcements on Thursday night, the rest of the weekend kept bringing excitement. There is so much excitement.

Shelby is excited about the Doctor Strange trailer, and reveals that she is super excited about Benedict Wong being in the film. Nothing Wong with that! There’s also some Cumberbatch guy in the film, as well. The trailer is fantastic, you should watch it, if you haven’t, already. If you have, you should probably watch it again.


Marvel Studios revealed a new logo. Is this just a refresh of a known brand, or is there a deeper meaning? Should we be concerned? Does it matter? In a universe where deception is at every turn, is this logo change a sign of something more sinister afoot? The Laties discuss.

You can find the new logo, all the trailers, and a run-down of all the SDCC news over at the MCU Exchange, where Rhiannon even participated in another podcast talking about everything. You know¬†you love Rhiannon’s voice.

Outside of Marvel, there were some DC premiers that got the Laties talking. Rhiannon wonders if she actually likes Batman. Perhaps it isn’t that Battfleck is better or worse than others, perhaps it’s Batman she’s not a fan of. She’ll be wondering about this for a while. (However, she is sure she liked Adam West’s Batman, which was her gateway superhero to Zorro, which is her first obsession with a man in a black mask.)

Rhiannon has watched all of Stranger Things on Netflix. Shelby has started. Be prepared for more Stranger Things talk.
Rhiannon actually went to a movie theater to see Ghostbusters, and tried to talk Shelby into doing this, as well.

Shelby loves Marco Polo, and Rhiannon tried to watch, but seriously, didn’t she get enough homework done this past week? Marco Polo, evidently, has some Wong. Wong is everywhere.

Circling back to their favorite subject of all favorite subjects, Shelby said she was re-reading the Mark Waid/Chris Samnee run of Daredevil. Back when the Laties first read this, they weren’t fans of Waid’s depiction of their favorite hero. But on a re-read, it’s pretty enjoyable. Rhiannon is going to re-read this, as well, so be prepared for Waid/Samnee Daredevil talk!
Through the beauty of Tumblr, Rhiannon also discovered the Daredevil Arc in issue #2 of Captain Universe, from 2006. It is definitely worth the read, for those with Marvel Unlimited!


That’s all for this podcast! We’ll talk to you later, when we have more to geek about.

Written by Rhiannon

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