Superlaties Catch-Up!

By / January 15, 2018

The Superlaties come together to catch up after a long period away. But they manage to talk about everything that they’ve watched while apart. Of course, there’s The Punisher series, Runaways, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Thor.    FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

NYCC 2017 With the Superlaties

By / October 12, 2017

The Punisher cancellation, Runaways premier, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Psych, and the surprise Charlie Cox Panel! So much fun to cover in this episode of Superlaties! Rhiannon’s article Charlie Videos:   FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

Hoofin Around Hawaii – Superlaties on Inhumans

By / September 30, 2017

Marvel’s Inhumans is finally out so that even people that live in the middle of nowhere can watch it on ABC. So that means that Shelby has finally gotten the chance to watch. YAY! And, (surprise) she loves it. So, obviously, they had to talk about this, right away.   If you prefer to have your podcast… Read more

Super-Late ‘Game of Thrones’ Thoughts

By / September 28, 2017

Is it really surprising that we are just now talking about Game of Thrones, since the whole reason for this podcast is that we are super-late to things? Well, Shelby had thoughts. Rhiannon watched. They talked. Here is a super-short Superlaties for you to hear it.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

That NEW Punisher Trailer – Oh My Lord

By / September 21, 2017

Today, a new Punisher trailer dropped. Shelby and Rhi have feelings. You can hear Shelby better at 1:30. If you prefer your podcast on Youtube, here you go! FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Defenders Episodes 4-6: Everything Happens

By / September 19, 2017

Shelby and Rhi make it through the exciting mid-season of The Defenders. Full spoilers, lots of fun. FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Defenders Episodes 2-3

By / September 3, 2017

Shelby is all about the slow burn, so Rhiannon had her record this podcast while she was still really hyped about The Defenders, then held on to it for a couple of weeks before posting. Still, so much excitement as the gang starts to come together. Spoilers only through episode 3. FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

The Defenders: Episode 1

By / August 19, 2017

The Defenders is here, and Rhi and Shelby are here to talk all about Episode 1. No spoilers for anything beyond that, we promise.  Don’t worry – we’ll be back soon to talk about everything else. We promise! If you prefer your podcast in Youtube form, here it is: FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

San Diego Comic-Con and That New Defenders Trailer

By / August 2, 2017

The Superlaties are back with a LONG podcast where Rhi talks about her little trip to California, and Shelby tells her about all of the news that she missed while she was there. Like, a trailer for a little series called The Defenders.     FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

Inhumans, Defenders, SDCC Planning, and Mike

By / July 10, 2017

Just like the Amazons, the Superlaties have brought in their first man, and he’s pretty cool. Mike joins this week to talk about the new Inhumans trailer, Our excitement before watching Spider-Man: Homecoming (Rhi’s a slacker that didn’t get this uploaded before it premiered) and upcoming conventions. Of course, we talk about our hopes for The… Read more

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